Product description

Product description

Focus on decoration while neglect simple finish has become a new concept when lay out the furniture, and which is very popular in fashion people circle. Morden people always emphasize on the Perfect of details Among the household articles,the flying chiffon and thick curtain are replaced gradually by the wood shutters whose colors are bright with impressive characteristics. The quick city beat life makes people prefer simple but practical wood products. In morden life, wood shutters are widely used in living room,dining room,kitchen,study room,bedroom, bathroom and sunshine room etc, which not only let you enjoy the rhythm of light & shadow,but also enjoy the cozy & romantic life, which could also act as block instead of wood door,and be used as clothes change room door & wardrobe door. Which could keep privacy for you and decorate the room impressively. When the shutters are used in hotel,chamber,club and superior office, the elegant taste can be shown completely.

Wooden shutters and doors are originated in the United Kingdom dynasty (1485-1547) and Elizabeth dynasty (1558-1603), it belongs to the royal family at the beginning. During the Victorian era,the national economy  and the sense of aesthetics are all enhanced, wooden shutters were loved by common people gradually, move the steps into the household,and add more beautiful colors into the street. Wood shutters with natural sculpture & fashion feeling,which shows the classic beauty.

How to select wooden shutters?

There are totally two main categories in the shutter line:

1. Aluminum wood composite shutter

Characteristics: With solid wood feeling, and match with indoor decoration style. For there is alloy aluminum as support, the chosen range of wood is very wide: Pine,Poplar,candlenut,basswood etc. Relatively simple production technology,competitive low prices, which are suitable for mid-end market.  

2. Pure wood shutter

Characteristics: With strong solid wood feeling, emphasizing on taste and environment protection. Based on the timber characteristic that inflate when in humid status,while shrink when in dry status, the requirement of wood for pure wood shutter is very strict. Always choose the most stable basswood(commonly known as the piano wood), with the advanced laminated technology. and technically complex craftmanship in the process of anti-deformation,moisture-proof and anti-corrosion. But the whole products becomes more qualified, the pure wood characteristics make it distinguished. Relatively higher prices, which are more suitable for high end market. 

How to identify the quality of wooden shutters?

1. watch paint surface: smooth finish, even color, clear texture,and no burr on the edge, when touch the paint through the back of the hand, could feel that well.

2. watch the craftmanship: Each shutter parts are with tight joints, the same level degree among the louver blades,no bend or different sizes problem. When close, each louver blades will be matched tightly w/little light gap(The light gap is the rigid standard when check the shutter quality and craftmanship)

3. test the rod: Wood rod, push the rod,if louver blades are opened and closed freely,no lock,loose or tight problems; Hidden rod, watch the light gap when all blades are closed based on above standard,hidden rod always has higher demand on louver blades style,stile srew holes and rod holes. At present, very few factories have the capability to produce hidden rod wood shutter.

4. Details: For premium quality shutter, the gap between stile and louver blades are little after closing, there is tenon & mortise joint technology between stile and rail,the wood material must be with rigorous treatment of anti-deformation process.  

5. The joints between stile and louver blades will affect shutter quality very much, it will be better that to use damping technology to keep the louvers open & close freely for a long time.

6. Frame joints: The most advanced technoly for frame joints is German dowel and hoffman technology, which is easy to install and unfix, tight and with beautiful outlook of the shutter, but has higher requirement on the frame parts precision and measurement, should choose the good supplier.

The EIGHT characteristics of anyhoosh wooden shutter:

1. Environment protection: Made by pure wood, heat insulation,noise insulation, dust insulation and anti-UV, which lowers the bad effects to human.

2. Durability: Selecting piano wood(basswood), the warranty of the wood itself is 15 years.If used properly, the shutter could be used for more than one hundred years, almost the same life as one house.

3. Uniqueness:We produce shutters totally follow each customer’s requirement,every production batch are for the own style and taste, which are exclusive.

4. Permeability:To bring you clean air every time,and the soil,flower fragrance, also special fresh feeling.

5. Light regulation: To regulate the room light 180°freely,make special light feeling and increase the room's lively atmosphere.

6. Cleaning: It’s easy to clean, wipe out the dust then the shutters look like new ones.

7. Privacy: One could see the outside through adjusting the shutters,also enjoy the private world, living freely without influence from outside.

8. Application: Could be used in the living room, kitchen,study room,bedroom,toilet,balcony,wardrobe,cloakroom and the entrance door.Not only could replace the common curtains, so you may enjoy the rhythm and shade,warm and romantic life, but also serve as a substitute of common wood doors,which plays both functional and decorative roles for the room.

The SIX advantages of Anyhoo wooden shutters:

1. The advanced laminated technology prevents twisting and ensures the shutters anti-deform for a long time.

2. The creative tenon and mortise technology between rail and stile guarantees the shutters more stronger.

3. The fine painting technology guarantees the shutters with smooth finish,even colors and clear texture.

4. The unique louver damping technology keeps the shutter blades open and close permanently free.

5. The most advanced German dowel and hoffman technology for frames, which make the shutters tight with beautiful outlook, and it’s ver easy to install.

6. The advanced production equipments line, which could improve shutter quality,save workers labor costs,make the shutters much more worth its value.