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Shanghai Liang Heng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. are specializing in "ANYHOO (AmMed Home)" brand, high-end solid wood doors and windows Venetian, wood Venetian window ventilation related products such as R & D, production, sales, service, modern enterprise. Products include high-grade solid wood (bamboo) thermometer screen door, blinds, ventilation windows, solid wood door louvers and other products have changed. Is the largest and the highest degree of specialization, one of the production of solid wood louvers. The United States introduced the first complete set of Venetian windows and doors production line and production technology, quality reach the international advanced level. The company is headquartered in Shanghai's Songjiang Science and Technology Industrial Park, set up under the Marketing Management Center, Production Management Center, Financial Management Center, the three major operating systems, product distribution and sales network throughout the country, are exported all over the world.

Suitable companies for the rapid development of special community诚聘elite following:

First, marketing director of the annual salary of one person: 300000

Male / Female Open, 36 years of age.

1. Education:

Marketing, marketing-related professional college education, 8 years sales management experience in marketing. 3 years sales management experience in the same industry.

2. Personal qualities:

The work of meticulous, careful and strategic forward thinking, have strong management capabilities, judgment and decision-making ability, interpersonal skills, and coordination capacity, planning capacity and implementation capacity; have excellent market development. Project coordination, negotiation capacity; job with a high degree of enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

3. Knowledge and skills:

Familiar with modern management mode, familiar with the use of various incentives. There is a wealth of experience in marketing planning, be able to identify and identify potential business partners; familiar with the industry development, with excellent marketing skills, strong marketing and operational capacity be able to use a variety of office software, equipped with the basic network knowledge and skilled use of English.

Two, regional manager of the annual salary of 100,000 people 5

Responsible for security ANYHOOSH Mercure Venetian Series windows and doors of solid wood products

1, Bachelor degree or above, age at 28-45 years of age, sex limitation;

2, familiar with the internal doors market;

3, with sales of more than five years work experience, at least two years sales management experience;

4, excellent communication skills, sales skills and management capacity;

5, has a team-building capacity and training capacity;

6, integrity, unity, and must be able to stand the stress of the job.

Three, foreign trade staff salary Negotiable 2 people

Responsible for the company to open up overseas markets products;

Job requirement:

1. Has decorative building materials sales experience in foreign trade

2. Or have the experience of overseas bidding

3. Customers have the resources priority

4. Excellent foreign language skills (language not limited to), I heard fluent Writing;

5. To adapt to long-term international and domestic travel, there is the ability to open up international markets, have foreign work experience is preferred.

Four, Production Manager Salary Negotiable one person

Job responsibilities:

1, the overall responsibility for the company's projects and production scheduling and task scheduling, production site safety, equipment and environmental management;

2, in accordance with company quality management system requirements, formulate the relevant management systems and standardize and optimize the flow, and continuously improve technology and management level;

3, regularly organizes professional training so that team members understand the process norms, with the necessary skills, improve the overall capacity of the team;

4, based on its business development strategies, formulate professional development plans and goals.

Service requirements:

1, undergraduate and above;

2, has five years work experience, more than two types of windows and doors production site management experience;

3, familiar with the production process quality standards and technological requirements;

4, know the production process flow and process the preparation of norms;

5, has a high communication, coordination ability and team organizational skills;

6, there is a strong sense of responsibility, a high degree of self-confidence, careful, dedicated, positive and enterprising;

7, has a strong study and self-management capabilities.

Friday, Design Director, one person pay Negotiable

Responsible for the company's new product development


1, Bachelor degree or above

2,5 years of work experience, 3 years design experience-type doors and windows.

The company offers good career development opportunities for individuals interested in towards your English CV, recent photograph of an inch of a hat, to prove effective, such as academic qualifications to: Jinyu Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 1068 Shanghai Liang Heng Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Human Resources Department received .

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