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America's first production line of wood shutters and doors production

Release Time:2008-12-10 Click: L M S

2008 a total investment of 15 million yuan, the first introduction of wooden shutters and doors of the United States production line officially put into production at our company, put into operation with an annual output of wooden shutters and doors of the production capacity of 200,000 square meters, the production line to change the domestic manufacturers Venetian wild-type, high man-made production. Standardized production processes, windows and doors set the world's leading technology in one set of assembly, improved product quality and yield of thermometer screen, to make up for the domestic high-end wooden product blank Venetian, is the most advanced production lines of wooden, one of thermometer screen. Production process in full accordance with international standards for high-end wooden shutters and doors production, the quality of full compliance with international quality standards. The protection of good quality for export to international markets has paved the way, wooden shutters and doors for domestic technology industry, quality has set a good example. The wooden shutters and doors of some small and medium-sized enterprises will also be a severe test.

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