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Shutters - shutters feature

Release Time:2009-02-20 Click: L M S

A, beautiful energy-saving, concise neat

Blinds can be completely put away, glance out the window scenery, generous windows of simplicity. Occupied by the window curtains are part of the space, making housing vision affected the width of the window, looked cumbersome.

Warm summer, cool winter

Use of good insulating materials, effectively maintain the indoor temperature, reaching energy-saving purposes. (Note: only a handful of brand credibility to be able to guarantee the best products this point, the appearance of beauty is not everything.)

B, adjust the angle freely easy to control into the light, to adjust the blade angle to control into the light, the leaves can adjust to the most suitable location.

The protection of privacy

Bump in the direction of blade to block the outside line of sight, lighting at the same time, top-down block the line of sight outside at night, leaves the interior of the convex face, the shadow will not be significant to the outdoor video.

C, clean rest assured, clean Convenience

Peacetime can be just to wipe cloth to clean when you use neutral lotion. Not have to worry about fading, discoloration. Waterproof blinds also can be completely washed.

UV blocking

Effectively block the ultraviolet rays into the goal, to protect furniture from fading effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Compared to the blinds and curtains, blinds then the flexible adjustment of the blade can have a curtain by the lack of function. In the shade, the blinds can be apart from outside to resist ultraviolet radiation, but also adjust interior lighting; at ventilation, blinds fixed installation as well as the thick texture, you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze and there are no other concerns; curtains before the float will when the interior life is hidden, blind stacking design review is to ensure the privacy of the home; In addition, the shutter time of a complete closure on the many such as a window, can play the role of noise insulation.

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