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On the shutters at the role of decoration

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With the development of science and technology, it is the material standard of living and spiritual improvement in the level of architectural decoration, the environment demands more and more high art. Architecture is no longer a simple砌墙objects, but the combination of art and buildings, architecture and art, architecture and art appreciation also improve the taste. Modern building decoration, not only the requirements of the new building is handsome in appearance, complete functions, of the old building also requires the adoption of decoration, the old become new look, which to engage people in building decoration industry has brought new pressure, but also new life.

Conducting external decorative works, for how to solve the lack of co-ordination on the external walls of building ventilation hole, the size of fan and other eyesores created problem, we designed several different forms of shutters, its clever use of wall decoration, the solved the problem of eyesores created walls, but also simultaneously resolved the deposition exposed outdoor air-conditioning fan, exhaust fan outdoor ugly problem; at the same time give the owners a good environment, and produce energy-saving effect. The experience in this area give the same reference, so that the function of shutters at beautifying the environment and beautify life, play a greater role.

As we all know, whether it is the old building, or a new building, as long as the wall surface has different specifications of air conditioning or fan hoisted at the top, above the dust and dirt will be brought to the building defects. In order to conceal these defects, the use of blinds is a better way, it can receive the double-bird with one stone effect. On the one hand, to beautify the building, on the other hand, can better protect air-conditioning, exhaust fan and other equipment.

Materials selection in the blinds up, can be subject to the overall need of decoration, the use of wooden products, plastic products, aluminum products. Select up in style, have the following pattern for reference.

Square blinds: In a large number of square ceiling or wall plate combination, the square is very coordinated, in a large area on the wall, there is rhythm, there is some artistry to decorating a square point, sometimes the effect of the finishing touch.

Rectangular shutters: the majority by a large area of the module layout to partition, such as the right arrangements, the United States has the effect of lines, it used the most modern architecture.

Length strip blinds: blinds lines formed at the external walls of the United States, there is regularity, when the window opens, the external walls of a point, coupled with a long pass blinds the emergence of points, lines and surfaces combined with each other than perfect.

Combination of grid-type blinds leaves: leaves formed by the vertical and horizontal grid, do not think looks are blind, but a decoration, very good.

Circular blinds: Series appears in the circle where harmonization, appears in a square structure, the same is very beautiful. Because he embodies the Fangzhong there is a round, round in fine architecture can bring artistic beauty.

Blinds because of the emergence of different specifications hole, fan, and the size of the outdoor fan are hidden in the hole behind, and its function is not affected, on the external environment is also an landscaping.

Then, at the actual use of blinds What function?

Function 1: to maintain the indoor air fresh.

Living in the interior, work, activity, they are bound to breathe oxygen, carbon dioxide. General 20m3 per hour, want to breathe fresh air, if the combustion apparatus, it would need more fresh air. In addition there will be a variety of indoor air of dust and bacteria, but also to change into the fresh air. At the external wall to fit a fan, and hidden in the back of the blinds, you can maintain a beautiful appearance, but also maintain there is fresh air to enter the interior. Good ventilation, have the remaining benefits:

Odor: in front of us have been talking about, there is good ventilation fan functions can be removed through the ventilation bad odor, and create a comfortable environment. Taste of the interior because of smoking, smelly people off, and other gases generated by the smell and so on, so that the air is often mixed with a variety of smell, but long-established residents of such an environment people can not usually pay attention to, this also and people do not know体臭their own, this is people's sense of smell can easily habits and paralysis because of a certain odor. Alcohol, spices, furniture, paint, etc. are often Taste not care, and foreign guests is more sensitive and therefore want to increase room ventilation and ventilatory function, and the blinds can be solved ventilation brought about by the wall questions eyesores created the noodle.

Dust: to strengthen the ventilation, you can remove the dust in the room, and maintain interior cleanliness, and this person's health is good, because the dust in the air often with a lot of bacteria, timely ventilation can reduce the germs in the air.

Adjust the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor: By ventilation, can be used to adjust the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, the reason is simple and obvious, which can improve the room's comfort.

Two features: shade and energy conservation.

In the summer, the sun direct the buildings, will increase the interior temperature of buildings, especially in Wuhan such a furnace, install shutters, would effectively reduce the direct sunlight to reduce interior temperature, improve air conditioning efficiency. And winter, by the can by adjusting the blinds to increase the angle of sunlight is conducive to ventilation and lighting. In this way, can effectively improve the utilization of energy efficiency and reduce heat island effect of large cities, people and nature live in harmony.

Three functions: the maintenance of buildings and maintenance.

This truth is obvious, because of the blinds can reduce the building of direct sunlight to reduce the rain erosion of buildings, has extended the usefulness of the building.

Design and installation of blinds should be paid attention to some questions:

In front of us has said, the style a lot of blinds in the selection, care should be taken to select light-weight, high strength materials, such as aluminum, plastics, etc., and its color should be consistent with building color coordination in the production of the installation should pay attention to :

1. Designed blinds wall, if it is air-conditioning vents, according to the size of air-conditioning power to determine its window size, page size of tablets, film and film spacing, otherwise it will create poor ventilation.
2. The purpose of the design of the external walls of shutters are for exhaust ventilation, anti-rain, to the shape of leaves reasonable scientific stereotypes, so that under normal circumstances rainwater infiltration is not easy with blinds.
3. Shutters of the fan inside the condensed water system to design the water system, so that condensed water should not run wild, it will affect the appearance of the effect.
4. Installation of shutters, fixed ways for the appearance, formation, security firm, and otherwise affect its use function.
Blinds, this is an old decorative products, how to decorate in a modern play a greater role, and the author it is only a preliminary discussion, it required a large number of people in practice, constantly replenished and improved to allow the old products constantly radiate their own youth, in order to beautify the urban and rural livelihood of the people make a greater contribution.

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