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Shutters installation method with the use of suitable

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Designed in order to ensure that the overall effect of the decoration, the best on the floor and walls all painted after the requested measurement custom-made blinds professionals, or professionals during the construction period by measuring the size and set aside.

Frame size measurement to determine size
Width from left to right measurement of the width of the window frame, on a Window, in the most wide size, which fit the width of the frame.
Height of the window frame from top to bottom measurement of the height of the window left, middle and right The largest size, the frame is a high degree of fit.

Measurement inside the box size by measuring frame sizes measured within the same frame size
Enough to determine the depth of window blinds vane freely activity, different approach requires the installation of windows is not the same depth: fixed or ping-opened installation required depth of 8cm; push installation will have to consider the product leaves the width of the product would also like to consider installing low-rise, the general two-tier push-pull activity required to ensure that leaves 15cm depth, 10cm depth of a single fan required; folding installation required depth 10cm reserved.

Rectangular window instead of the rules
The location of the measurement window width or height difference at 5mm or less, will not affect the production of the installation of blinds; if the window should be larger than 5mm on either side or up and down to add wood to make up for irregular window, installed in the wooden shutters on; can also select an external installation mode, that is, according to the most wide, the maximum frame size of the hole to do one frame, fixed on the outer walls of the hole will be fixed in the frame on the blinds. If the windows are cement, stone or other more difficult for fixed blinds structure, required to do with the wood lining the walls fixed, and then installed in the Products on wood lining.

Fixation if the blinds An Chengxin fixed, will cause inconvenience to wash windows generally do not choose a fixed installation.
Ping opened the way with good sealing characteristics, suitable for small windows or a single fan, two windows installation.
Push-pull way less space, suitable for general window installation.
Suitable for folding the way to do many of the open window the way, the general cut off or make use of windows.

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