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Shutters - Shutters Introduce

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A Window Shutters are a kind of style. Shutters of origin in China. Ancient Chinese architecture, there are direct lattice windows, it was from the Warring States Period to the Han Dynasty have been the time to use it. Article straight said straight lattice window, then have the bar, called the horizontal lattice window. Lying lattice window shutters that are a kind of original style, you can say that it Shutters are the original status. By the Ming Dynasty, lying lattice window has great development. Made in the Song Dynasty pagoda on a variety of a variety of direct lattice windows, in the Ming Dynasty pagoda also make lying on lattice windows, many examples in particular, and that was the predecessor of Shutters.

Shutters at the development of our country has been六七百年history. So why have foreign Shutters? Why the United States has Shutters? Have to be exploring this issue. It is a possible spread to other countries from China, foreigners entering China to see China have shutters, inspired, they also make Shutters; second possibility is that people of different countries have the same intelligence, the same under both create the Shutters, it is entirely possible there is. In fact, make a Window frames, use it for ventilation and fresh air, a Window On the lattice, of course, nothing more than a few patterns, rather than bar is vertical bar, then bar the shutters that are taking shape. Strictly speaking, lying lattice windows and shutters have a little bit different, and that is lying on the window frames and gaps paracytic transparent. Shutters window lattice lattice inclined to do, both inside and outside can not see the horizontal direction, only the slope in order to see the look. However, modern Shutters are invented by the American, John Hampson and August 21, 1841 to obtain the patent.

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