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Buy shutters the two tips

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Fabric blinds popular rough texture

At lot of people's ideas, it seems difficult to Gordon shutters, if you want to put on jackets for the windows, people's first choice is the curtain fabric. However, in some modern style home, the blinds have the appearance of large numbers at the living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. The main places of home, its a very good decorative effect.

It is said that home designers of the blinds is so popular is because compared to curtains to blinds, more flexible and can adjust the interior of the light, creating a different feel for the interior lighting effects, add the Smart home atmosphere. And blinds both functional and beautiful, up from an economic point of view, than the cost of custom-made curtains also much smaller, more suitable for the pursuit of fashionable young people.

In addition, the blinds in the summer is particularly welcome because, not only because it can block the incoming light shot out the window, but also because it can guarantee the interior ventilation. Gently rotating rod as long as the adjustment, shutter blades will be able to freely adjust the angle so that people in the room in summer can also enjoy the comfort of air circulation.

By the summer, building materials supermarket of blinds have become hot-selling products. This summer, new and diverse styles of blinds, or beautiful, or bold, or cute, or elegant, a wide range of materials to make shutters have a more vivid form, and let the blinds in a variety of home styles to further improve the applicability.

Building materials at the supermarket to see the reporter, in addition to the traditional plastic, wood chips and blinds made of aluminum alloys, the fresh and clean with bamboo, straw mats made Venetian blinds and modern full rough wool fabric curtains blinds has become a new family members. Bamboo and straw mat woven elegant Venetian blinds and soft color, its own material with a natural cool feeling, to reduce the temperature of the summer at home with the simple style of traditional Chinese home is also very fit. Bamboo and straw mats and light curtain material, the use of lightweight flexible hours, even if the sun will not be exposed to the elements stretching deformation. Wool felt and fabric blinds fashion, fabric shutters this summer on new material at Innovate also to show people rough face, different color polyandrum quality blinds fabric wrapped leaves, feels despite rough feel, but an integral whole with the blinds, give concise Spaces brings a sense of a feast for the eyes.

Buy blinds have tips

At present, at B & Q, good home, Oriental homes, and other building materials supermarkets Homemart, blinds Choose more varieties. At the time of purchase, not only to their well decide not look good on the purchase, more attention should be paid to watch the quality, volume size, in order to avoid unnecessary use of trouble.

One trick: watch the quality of

Leaf shutters blinds are an important part of conditioning. When choosing blinds, it is best to first touch the leaves is smooth uniform blinds to see whether each of the leaves from edges. In general, the quality of the shutter blades at the details of the deal better, especially plastics, wood, bamboo blinds produced in the leaves, if the texture is better, then it will be relatively long service life.

Adjustment bar is also a need for blinds parts inspected. Shutter adjustment rod has two roles, first, adjusting the blinds off and landing switch, and the other is adjusting the angle of the leaves. Test rod adjustment at the time, first-Ping test hanging blinds pull, whether the smooth switch watch movements, and then watch the leaves turning adjustment rod flip whether the same flexible and comfortable.

Two tips: volume size

Assembly have dark blinds installed and fitted out two types of installation method, choosing when required, depending on the volume of the assembly ways to check the size of the blinds. Dark window lattice grid mounted on the shutters, and its length should be the same as the window height, width is more than the narrow window around 1 ~ 2 centimeters. If the blinds hanging out at the windows outside, then it should be higher than the length of the window height of 10 cm in length and width than the windows on each side about 5 centimeters wide, to ensure a good shading effects. In general, kitchen, toilet, etc. apply a small dark room filled with Venetian blinds, while the living room, bedroom, study and other large rooms are more suitable to use out of the Venetian blinds installed.

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