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Bedroom in the clever use of Shutters

Release Time:2009-03-10 Click: L M S

In the general mindset of the people inside, regulating the family is the only way the sun curtains, in fact, not always. Study abroad, learn people's way of life, custom shutters are a good way. The benefits of shutters is to leaf through the adjustment of the angle of the window can adjust the interior lighting, blinds both functional and good looking, dispense with the curtains expenses.

Leafroll flexible curtain, not only scalable, but also changes with the angle of illumination selectively use, not only blocked the direct light exposure can also retain other locations around the light transmission. When not in use, just gently pull one can hide in the dark at the top of tank, not accounting for place, but also will not put down on the dust a long time.

Living room at home often install air-conditioning, how to make air-conditioned interior to become a harmonious part of a lot of people are in the decoration to be encountered in practical problems. The practice is to make air conditioning a niche, mounted on the outside shutters, in the use of open shutter time, at no time will the blinds closed, so that the total air-conditioning has become part of the home.

In addition to outside air-conditioning, how they should place in the home as drinking fountains, small television, such as frequent use of small household electrical appliances is also a problem. The owner of the house we designed a display, in accordance with the electrical size, design a display shelf in advance the size of such electrical can easily go into, and then installed in the shelf can be freely outside the frosted glass sliding door, usually do not when the electrical block frosted glass door put up aesthetically pleasing visual effects achievements.

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