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The benefits of choosing blinds in winter

Issuing time:2022-07-11 15:00

Modern people advocate healthy and comfortable life. Wood has unparalleled natural beauty in all furnishing materials. A simple piece of wood reminds urbanites living in the reinforced concrete jungle of verdant trees and tree-lined forests, as if wisps of fresh oxygen escaping from the tips of green leaves suddenly soaked into their hearts. For the natural beauty of wood, people now want to have it, especially in today's green and healthy world. Home, as the most private and relaxing place, people all want to decorate it more comfortably. With the help of wood, the elegant expression can be easily revealed naturally. Stylish and attractive hardwood doors and windows are often unforgettable and impressive. Wood is a superior material, both visually and tactilely. Its clear, deep lines immediately attract attention and make one want to touch the wood's grain. Solid wood shutters make the room look elegant and elegant. From the Victorian era to today's changes in American home design, wood has always played a significant role. Among them, the classic beveled glass inlaid wooden doors and the comfortable and natural hardwood window grilles have made many home people full of nostalgia. Different from the soft texture of curtains, shutter blades are generally made of wood, glass and aluminum alloy materials, so they can resist the erosion of sunlight, wind, rain and dust, and are easy to clean. The blinds currently on the market are either slender and gorgeous, or rough and great. Its overall arrangement of horizontal lines shows a grand and warm plane beauty. Through the adjustment of light, the blinds can also bring a sense of change and pleasing to the modern and concise space; the choice of various colors makes the blinds and the style of home decoration integrated.

    Choose blinds of different materials to show different tastes

    According to the material of the blinds and the age of use on the market: the earliest plastic and wooden products, the aluminum alloy, iron, and zinc alloy products used later, and the pure stainless steel that is now available, and so on. The criteria for choosing curtain rods can be considered in detail from the following aspects: style and color matching The choice of curtain rods is mainly the choice of color and style. According to the main color of home decoration and curtain cloth, match curtain rods of different colors. In addition, the selected curtain rods should be matched with the overall style, so that the overall color and aesthetics of the room are coordinated. For example, nowadays most people's homes are mainly based on complicated styles, and curtain rods with bright rhythms and easy lines should be selected. The level of the owner of the room is "seeing the small and knowing the book". Ordinary people prefer to observe others from the details, and the same is true for the decoration of the room. The choice of thick curtain rods can reflect the taste of the owner of the room from a positive perspective; the function and use of the room are not only the most basic needs of convenience and easy-to-draw, beautiful and durable; special elbows and functions can also be selected according to the edge shape of the window. The ring brackets are matched to meet the needs of different customers!

Colorful curtains create an extraordinary grade of home decoration

As far as interior design is concerned, curtains not only have the function of shading, but also have the effect of ugliness. Before choosing curtains, it is best to set a basic style for the entire home decoration, and then look for curtains that match the details of the interior.

The style is suitable for the window

The style of the curtains is more suitable for the ordinary windows that conform to the shape of the windows, and the materials can be matched according to the function of the room. For example, the bedroom is suitable for thick fabrics such as velvet with good shading effect; the study, kitchen and bathroom can choose different types of blinds, sliding curtains, etc. according to their preferences. Different floor-to-ceiling curtains The best choice for floor-to-ceiling solid wood shutters is the drop-down gauze curtain, which is simple and yet soft, and the wind blows when the wind blows. Families with requirements can also choose inner and outer double curtains to enhance the texture, and a different style can be summarized between the light-transmitting yarn quality and the shading velvet.

European-style complicated curtains

The bay window can choose the Roman-style design. In addition to saving fabrics, the curtains show a layered shape when they are closed, with a strong sense of plane, which complements the easy home style.

The colors change with the seasons

Different seasons can choose curtains of different colors to achieve different styles. There are many colors of curtains, mainly white, white, green, yellow and blue. In spring and summer, bright and refreshing colors with high brightness should be selected, which can make people feel fresh; in autumn and summer, it is appropriate to choose colors such as dignified and rich earth yellow, dark brown, dark red, indigo and so on, to bring out the uniqueness of the indoor space. feel differently.

summer colorful window

Say goodbye to monochrome curtains, and now pattern curtains are also loved by designers and consumers. Those who like simple style can choose striped or plaid curtains; the elderly can also choose impactful large-area patterns to show their characteristics. If they are undecided and like rich and varied colors, they can choose general or dark contrasting ones. Patterns to express their mood.

Floral Fabric Curtains Flowers Home Furnishings Summarize Colorful Mood The curtains in each room are different, and there will be changes in the home. Walking into different rooms can change different moods. The best curtains are durable products, which can be used for several years under normal conditions, but if you hang one kind of curtains in a room, it will be too monotonous and interesting. The biggest benefit of hanging different wooden blinds in each room in the house is the curtains between the rooms. It can be interchanged, and the owner of the room will also change his mood by changing the curtains, and life will become happy and interesting.

In winter, the insulation effect of shutters is also very good, wooden shutters, and windows with shutters. Different from venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are similar to curtains, the blades are small and can be closed, and are commonly used for indoor and outdoor shading and ventilation. Now more and more people recognize the louver curtain wall is also evolved from the louver. The louver curtain wall has many advantages, and the louver is generally relatively wider. And very beautiful, commonly used for high-rise construction. The function of blinds Generally speaking, we should first pay attention to the proper ratio of window to wall area. The main consideration is the thermal insulation function of the window itself, the shading measures of the window glass and the interior of the building, and finally to ensure the airtight function of the window. Details should arrive at the following request:

1. Improve the air tightness of windows. There are gaps in the wooden shutters, and the energy of outdoor cold air or hot air infiltrating into the room is very large. When the sealing function of the window does not meet the requirements of energy-saving standards, appropriate sealing measures should be taken, such as setting rubber and felt at the gap. and other sealing strips to improve the air tightness of the window.

2. Control the area ratio of window to wall. The thermal resistance of the window is much smaller than that of the wall. The heat transfer loss of the single-glass color aluminum window is about three times that of the 24cm brick wall. The heat transfer loss of the insulating glass window is also greater than that of the wall. Therefore, the window The size of the area has a great influence on the heating and air conditioning energy consumption of the building. Generally, the window-to-wall area ratio should be controlled at about 30%.

3. Improved thermal insulation function. The thermal insulation function of the improved window can be divided into two parts: the thermal insulation function of the improved window frame and the glass.

When wood and plastic are used as window frames, the thermal insulation performance of this part is better. When steel or aluminum alloys are used as window frames, the heat loss will be greatly increased. In order to improve the thermal insulation ability of metal window frames, metal profiles must be treated with heat insulation. The method of installing insulating glass on a single window can be used to increase the thermal resistance, and a very thin layer of materials with selective radiation penetration and absorption functions can be coated on the glass to enhance the thermal insulation function of the window.

4. Improve the thermal insulation function of windows.

The insulation of windows is to try to block and prevent solar radiation from entering the room indirectly. The local thermal effect of the glass on the window is determined by the shading requirements and the spectral characteristics of the solid wood shutter glass.

Blinds: Beautiful and energy-saving, simple and easy to pull the blinds can be folded, the scenery inside the window is more than a glance, the window is complicated and stingy. Curtains take up part of the space of the windows, which affects the width of the visual windows of the house, making it cumbersome.

Warm in winter and cool in summer: materials with good thermal insulation are used, which can effectively maintain indoor temperature and achieve the purpose of saving power. Note: only most products with good brand reputation can ensure this, and the beauty of appearance does not mean everything.

It is easy to adjust the angle freely, control the incoming light, and adjust the angle of the blade to control the incoming light, which can adjust the blade to the most suitable position without restraint.

Solid wood shutters maintain privacy: the convex and concave directions of the blades block the outside view, and at the same time the lighting blocks the outside view from top to bottom. At night, if the convexity of the blades faces indoors, the shadow will not be reflected outdoors.

Easy to clean and clean: usually just wipe with a rag, please use a neutral lotion when cleaning. Don't worry about fading and discoloration. Waterproof shutters are also fully washable.

Block ultraviolet rays: effectively block the penetration of ultraviolet rays, and protect the furniture from fading due to the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Compared with curtains, blinds, which can be adjusted sensitively, have the perfect effect of curtains. In terms of shading, in addition to resisting ultraviolet radiation, the blinds can also adjust the indoor light; in terms of ventilation, the fixed installation of the blinds and the thick texture can comfortably enjoy the cool breeze without other scruples; the floating of the curtains will affect indoor life. Hiding and appearing from time to time, the layered design of the shutters ensures the privacy of the home; in addition, the shutters are like an additional window when the entire block is blocked, which can play the role of sound insulation and heat insulation.

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