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Are solid wood windows suitable for kitchen and bathroom installations?

Issuing time:2022-07-11 15:05

According to the principle of frame structure design in most modern domestic buildings, the selection and purchase of windows is indispensable in the process of home decoration and decoration, and people often choose solid wood windows in the process of home decoration, especially some solid wood shutters. Favored by modern home decorators, what role do solid wood windows play in modern homes? Is it suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, etc.? The well-known solid wood window enterprise - Aolong Furniture Enterprise Xiaobian will tell you the following for you.

Taking the solid wood shutters as an example, the solid wood windows in the market can be divided into many categories. Among them, the vertical wooden shutters can control the indoor lighting by themselves, and can be easily pulled to one side, so that the house is full of sunlight and outdoor scenery; closed It was then closed tightly, completely darkening a room to ensure privacy.

The horizontally opening and closing wooden shutters are like beautiful curtains and look like wooden fence windows, but with wooden slats. These shutters are lightweight, easy to install, and the wood has been specially treated to resist the appearance of mildew and mildew. Solid wood shutters have an extra-long service life.

The blades of solid wood shutters are larger, so they are better to scrub than traditional shutters. However, although the wood used to make shutters has undergone moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment, it is easy to absorb water vapor and oil fume after a long time, causing deformation of the shutters and affecting the appearance. Solid wood shutters should not be installed in kitchens with excessive oil smoke and bathrooms with excessive moisture, otherwise the service life of wooden windows will be shortened quickly.

Therefore, if consumers are in the process of home decoration, especially in the process of kitchen and bathroom decoration, they must not choose solid wood windows. The main material of solid wood windows is wood. If they are kept in a relatively humid environment for a long time, then the interior of the wood will be damaged. The moisture content of the wood will change, which will easily cause the internal stress of the wood to be changed, and naturally its performance and service life will gradually shorten.

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